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Top HubSpot Partner
in the Nordics

In 1-2 months, you will have the ultimate HubSpot 360° Platform fully operational. This includes scope, negotiation, design, implementation, data migration, and training.

 We implement! enable! and scale!
The Platform to boost your growth! 

Implement! 1-2 months

Get the ultimate HubSpot Platform

  • Scoping HubSpot plans and Hubs
  • Negotiating HubSpot deals & pricing
  • Designing funnels & pipelines
  • CRM architecture & data migration
  • Implementing funnels & pipelines
Enable! 1-2 months

Enable your HubSpot Platform

  • Scoping & negotiating integrations
  • Integrating & enabling Tech-Stack
  • Identifying & enriching prospect data
  • Training & onboarding best-practices
  • Enabling High Performance Sales
Scale! 9-36 months

Boost your HubSpot Platform

  • Representing clients to boost sales
  • Prospecting target market & ICP
  • Booking & qualifying demos/meetings
  • Managing pipeline & winning deals
  • Adopting feedback loop and HubSpot
Radiant & HubSpot

Top Official HubSpot Partner

  • +20 HubSpot Certifications
  • +40 implemented HubSpot platforms
  • Unique HubSpot Integrations Partners
  • We work exclusively within 4 verticals:
  • SaaS, Tech, Professional Services, Finance

HubSpot Partner Benefits

Benefits from Radiant

HubSpot Partner Platform

Unique HubSpot Platform

We don’t just implement HubSpot Platforms. We enable them for actual growth.

HubSpot Partner price

The best Scope & Price

Radiant are the Top Tier HubSpot Partner to scope and structure the best HubSpot deals.

HubSpot Partner insights

Best HubSpot insights

Radiant is a Top Ranked HubSpot Partner with +25 certifications & HubSpot Top Trainer.

HubSpot Partner data

Unique HubSpot data

Real time data from +15.000 Nordic Sales Processes to guide you to what works in reality.

HubSpot Partner

HubSpot Partner Platform

Ultimate HubSpot platform to boost growth

Radiant HubSpot ecosystem

In 1-2 months you have the ultimate HubSpot 360° Platform fully operational and ready to boost your growth! This includes scope, negotiation, design, implementation, datamigration, and training. 

  • RTop Tier HubSpot Partner: Officially Rank 1. Danish owned
  • R+25 HubSpot Cerfications, Trainer license, 5/5 stars
  • RUnique HubSpot Partnerships for the best integrations
  • R+30 active HubSpot Partner leading HubSpot Platforms
  • R+55 million DKK ARR generated through our HubSpot Platforms


What our clients say about working with us

HubSpot Partner

"Radiant demonstrated black-belt proficiency level of our CRM implementation. Radiant is a true Sales Excellence Champion for any company."

HubSpot CRM

Henning, CCO


HubSpot Partner

"Have shown state of the art sales performance. Sales goals and guidance adopted to each partner in the firm. My best recommendations"

HubSpot CRM

Ramazan, Partner

Baker Tilly

HubSpot Partner

"A top class onboarding. Committed team & good service. It has truly been a pleasure working with Radiant. I will give my very best recommendations."

HubSpot CRM

Esben, CEO


Lasso X HubSpot

"Excellent HubSpot coorperation with Radiant! Excellent job in understanding our sales process and helping us implement it in HubSpot. I recommend Radiant as HubSpot Partner"

HubSpot CRM

Martin, CSO

Lasso X

HubSpot Partner

"Where do I click the SIXTH star for these HubSpot-Ninjas? Becuase Radiant deserves the extra acknowledgement for always delivering 'best in class'" 

HubSpot CRM

Kasper, CMDO


HubSpot Partner

"Radiant has implemented HubSpot to immense satisfaction with an excellent overview of our sales activities. I will give the best recommendations for Radiant!" 

HubSpot CRM

Christian, CEO


HubSpot Partner part 1

We scope & negotiate the Hubs you need

HubSpot Partner scoping

As a Top H12022 Nordic HubSpot Negotiator and Certified HubSpot Partner we provide you with simple money- and time saving representation to scope and negotiate the best deal to match your needs. Even though HubSpot CRM is an-easy-to-use software, the process of scoping and negotiating the best deal and deal structure is a complex process. Avoid the hassle with Radiant at your side as a top HubSpot Partner. 

  • RGet the right Hubs and versions matching your needs
  • RGet the best HubSpot price and deal structure
  • RSave thousands of euros on onboarding & discount
  • RSave time by avoiding navigating complex product-price-ratio

HubSpot Partner part 2

Designing & implementing funnels 360° 

Funnel HubSpot Partner

A 360° funnel design and implementation to get the MQL’s, SQL’s, and ARR you need to scale your growth! As a Top Ranked HubSpot Partner we’ve created thousands of successful funnels in HubSpot to match best-practice with the behavior of your ICP Target Market and your employees.  

  • RLead and MQL generating Marketing Funnels
  • RMore sales with automatic Sales Processes
  • RIncreased hit-rate with Intelligent omni-channels
  • RIncreased NPS with streamlined CS/support process
  • R360° funnel synergy for marketing, sales & CS

HubSpot Partner part 3

CRM architecture, data migration & data enrichment

Data Migration HubSpot Partner

As a Top Tier HubSpot Partner we’ll make sure you 1) view properties in HubSpot CRM thats relevant to your growth 2) The full history of previous data is migrated, cleansed, and avaliable 3) All data is enriched with information that helps your sales, marketing, and CS to be relevant. It can be, for example, which technologies your ICP target market is using, if they are growing fast, or if keywords like ‘ESG’, ‘SaaS’ etc. appears on their website or annual report, or the contact information of stakeholders. We’ve successfully completed data migration from systems like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Active Campaign, SuperOffice, e-conomic, Business Central, Marketo, HubSpot-to-HubSpot, and many other.

  • RView relevant data & properties only
  • RAll historic data available & enriched
  • RSmooth and fast data migration
  • RLess time prospecting and administrating
  • RAutomatic weekly update of data

Hubspot sales- & marketing enterprise

“Migrating from MS Dynamics CRM to HubSpot Sales was a walk in the park with Radiant on our side. Radiant demonstrated black-belt proficiency level of our CRM implementation, truly standing-out with their enthusiastic can-do attitude and deep know-how of solid Sales best practices, in particularly at the early sales-stage. Radiant is a true Sales Excellence Champion for any B2B company aspiring to launch outbound sales to the next level”

HubSpot Partner

Henning Gershof, CCO, Hemonto A/S

Tech & SaaS

Who is Radiant?

We scale businesses

We scale businesses by implementing industry leading HubSpot Platforms and executing B2B sales with our  clients. Becuase we've accumulated thousands of datasets from actual sales and marketing we know what works in the Nordic market.

We practice what we preach: we don't just tell you what to do. We actually do it for you. 

  • RWe implement! enable! scale! The ultimate HubSpot platform
  • RLeading HubSpot Partner with +25 HubSpot Certifications & 5/5 stars
  • RB2B Sales as a Service with record-breaking ROI results
  • RFounded in 2017. In 2023 we're 30 employees in DK and NO.
  • RPurely for SaaS, Professional Services, Tech and Finance

HubSpot Partner cases

Hemonto I FinTech

Hemonto I FinTech

HubSpot Implementation: Migrating from MS Dynamics to HubSpot took outbound sales to the next level

HubSpot Partner Articles

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