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You invest in HubSpot, tech, people, sales, marketing, & CS.

Finally, you can profit by enabling it all.  

HubSpot as a Service

Pricing & Growth Hubs

HubSpot as a Service: now you can finally profit by enabling it all


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9.999 DKK/month

8 hours/month

Collaboration structure: Operational
  • Start WorkshopTo understand your business, processes & goals to build a '5 Point Priority Roadmap': 1) Tracks 2) Stages 3) Tasks 4) Responsible 5) Milestones : Priorities & roadmap
  • Bi-WeeklyRevisits, inputs & execution of tasks and ad-hoc work: 1-hour tracks & task session.
1/3: Onboarding and Implementation:
  • MigrationWe migrate your data from systems, and excel to HubSpot with cleansed and higher quality data.: Clean, enrich, & move data
  • PropertiesWe will assist you in developing and organizing customized properties that will effectively store distinctive and pertinent information for your business and teams.: View relevant data & insights
  • FunnelsTo design, connect, build, & automize 360° customer journeys that includes your complete channel mix like websites, ads, forms, chat, SoMe, mail flows, phone, webinars, documents, SMS etc. : 360° tailored funnels to convert clients
  • MarketingTo design, implement, & automate best-practice demand generation to drive leads and conversions: Better & more leads with top funnel
  • SalesTo tailor easy-to-use sales processes with automations and integrated sales channels like phone, mail, templates, snippets, sequences etc.: Win more deals through less admin time
  • CSTo tailor easy-to-use service & support processes with integrated communication channels, ticket system, chat, document library, NPS score and surveys.: Onboard & support happy clients A-Z

1/3 To tailer, set-up and maintain a Growth platform


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HubSpot Logo
24.999 DKK/month

24 hours/month + everything from 'Onboarding'

Collaboration structure: Tactical
  • HubSpot ReviewTo get a report of: 1) Unused features 2) Pitfalls 3) Improvements 4) Discount and deal potential 5) Recommended actions.: Discount & usage
  • MonthlyTo intensify productivity we work in a focused online time-slot where you and your team can join to learn, be inspired, execute tasks and do what works.: Stage Session & Prioritisation
2/3: Enablement, Best Practices, Integrations:
  • PlaybooksTo tailor, adjust & implement interactive best-practices directly in HubSpot through all processes to increase performance, continuity.: For optimal pitch, VPs, USPs & templates
  • GamificationTo increase motivation, engagement, drive, and unity towards goals & purposes. Make day-to-day activities fun and addictive while increasing performance and employee satisfaction.: Motivate & nudge for better results
  • DashboardsTo see real-time dashboards of your KPIs & goals. Engage and motivate your employees daily. Personalize the theme to match your company.: Adjust behavior towards goals
  • ICP & PersonasTo understand and define your Ideal Customer Profiles & Personas to match product-market-fit for increased hit-rate, win-rate, wins, revenue, and profits. : Know your clients needs
  • SegmentationTo know your exact targets structured, & uploaded in HubSpot connected to sales & marketing. Enriched with quality information: company, stakeholders, contact information, size, finance, buying signals, triggers, and much more.: Know exactly who to target
  • IntegrationsTo connect your HubSpot seamlessly with your systems, tech stack and platforms with automations, enablement, and information sharing. : Connect for a smooth EcoSystem
2/3 + To enable sales, marketing & customer success


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34.999 DKK/month

38 hours/month + everything from 'Optimization'

Collaboration structure: Strategic
  • Strategy WorkshopTo understand your business strategy so HubSpot can be a central part of strategy enablement with concrete actions: Link HubSpot to strategy
  • QuarterlyTo match '5-Point-Priority Roadmap' with your strategy for comparison and benchmarking.: Tactical & strategic benchmark
3/3: AI Usage, Onboarding, Training, Support:
  • AITo adopt and utilize AI for practical and administrative tasks within the processes of your HubSpot EcoSystem.: ChatGPT4 & ChatSpot for HubSpot use
  • BenchmarkTo identify and understand patterns of untapped potential and benchmark similarities with 'best-practices' from high performers.: Improve performance & behavior
  • OnboardingTo ensure that everyone who is meant to be using HubSpot is using it correctly and producing the intended outputs. This will help to ensure that the purpose of the implementation is achieved at a practical and behavioral level.: Get everyone aboard
  • TrainingTo enable synergy and extra education to improve performance of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success when using HubSpot.: Marketing, sales & CS HubSpot courses
  • Adaptation TriggersTo identify and adjust unintended behavior automatically, so that users of HubSpot are 'nudged' into using HubSpot as intended. This also includes certain 'triggers' to help users be more relevant in certain situations.: Nudge for tailored behavior
  • SupportTo contact our HubSpot experts directly when you have a problem that needs to be solved quickly. We can advise you how to solve the problem yourself or we can fix it for you within 24 hours.: 24-hour SLA & management access
3/3 To train, adjust, improve & adopt optimal behavior

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HubSpot Implementation: HubSpot Platinum Partner
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“It has truly been a pleasure working with Radiant. The best recommendations.”

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Esben, CEO


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Always well prepared and motivated. My best recommendation.”

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Ramazan, Partner

Baker Tilly

HubSpot Partner

“I recommend Radiant as HubSpot Partner. Excellent HubSpot cooperation.”

HubSpot CRM

Martin, CSO

Lasso X

A HubSpot as a Service explainer

What is HubSpot as a Service?

Our CEO and Co-Founder explains  the core problems solved with HubSpot as a Service. 

All-in-one Solution 

HubSpot Ecosystem

Get a customized best-practice HubSpot Ecosystem. As a Top HubSpot Partner, we deliver both technical & practical enablement through real-time data and insights within:

    • RSegmentation, targetlists & ICP
    • RAI & Automations
    • RMarketing Funnels
    • RSales Processes & Playbooks
    • RCRM Architecture
    • RData Migrations & Integrations
    • RGamification & Dashboards
    • RTraining & Onboarding
    HubSpot Ecosystem

    Benefits with HubSpot as a Service

    HubSpot Partner Platform

    Do what works

    We don’t just tell you what to do, we do it for you. Connect your business and goals to HubSpot.  

    HubSpot Partner data

    Learn from the best

    Real-time insight from +15.000 Sales Processes & +50 HubSpot platforms to do what works

    HubSpot Partner insights

    Enable it all

    You’ve invested in HubSpot, people, marketing, sales, CS. Now you can profit by enabling it all.  

    Scope and negotiate HubSpot

    Better price & deal

    Negotiate & Scope

    As one of the highest rated HubSpot Partner in the Nordics, we are uniquely positoned to get you exactly what you business need. With our expertise within HubSpot, negotiation, and deal structuring you get the right Hubs, features, and discount to fit your needs and budget. Don’t settle for less. 

    • RBetter pricing & discount
    • RGet the Hubs you need
    • RNo HubSpot onboarding fee
    Scope and negotiate HubSpot

    get, Convert & Measure leads to revenue

    Implement 360° Funnels & Automations

    We design, connect, build, and automize 360° customer journeys and Marketing Funnels. We match best-practices within your ICP.  Everything is connected to your channel mix: ads, website, sales, mail, SoMe, phone, LinkedIn etc. with a total overview of  processes and performance A-Z. 

    • RConvert & measure lead-to-sales ROI
    • RTailored Customer Journey Funnels
    • RMatch Marketing Funnels to your audience
    HubSpot Funnel
    Sales Process

    Admin less & win more

    Behavioral & Automated Sales Processes

    Know exactly what deal to prioritize, when, and how with a behavior-based sales process, ideal stage management, and automation of manual processes. Everything matched to Sales Playbooks and connected to you sales channels like phone, mail, LinkedIn etc. with full pipeline  overview. 

    • RHigher win-rate with more time for clients
    • RKnow what, when & how to prioritize deals
    • RBetter overview & Pipeline Management
    Sales Process

    Be relevant with the right data

    Data Migration -& Enrichment

    Data Migration is when we transfer data, settings, and configurations to from your other platforms to HubSpot. Data Enrichment is when we clean and enrich your data with relevant information, like contact information. This allow you to save time, increase data insights, and be relevant for clients. 

    • RBe relevant with the right data
    • RSeamless Data Migration
    • RGet all the client information you need
    Data Migration
    Segmentation & ICP

    Target the right customers

    Segmentation & Ideal Customer Profiles

    Identify and prioritize Ideal Customer Profiles to get valuable client data and contact information. We setup automatic data-updates and triggers so your sales team know exactly who, why, when, and how to target ideal customers.
    Everything uploaded and integrated in HubSpot lists for marketing & sales. 

    • RPrioritize Ideal Customer Profiles
    • RValuable client data & contact information
    • RKnow exactly who to target at the right time
    Segmentation & ICP

    Improve overall efficiency 

    Integrate your tech to HubSpot

    Enable synergy with a true commercial HubSpot ‘EcoSystem’ by automating processes, sharing data, and improve overall efficiency by having one digital workplace. Integrations enables data-flow, eliminate the need for manual data-entry, reduce administration- and the risk of errors.

    • REnable A-Z insight of Return-on-Investment
    • RReduce administration and risk of errors
    • RShare data & increase efficiency
    HubSpot Integrations

    Increase performance & motivation

    BI, Gamification & Dashboards

    Increase employee motivation, engagement, drive, and unity towards goals & purposes for your team. Make day-to-day activities fun and addictive with Gamification & Dashboards while increasing performance and employee satisfaction with real-time visual insights and informed decision-making. 

    • RVisualize performance in real-time
    • RCelebrate your team's successes
    • RAwareness to achieve goals & purpose

    ChatGPT4, ChatSpot, Content Assistant

    Use AI for Sales, Marketing & CS

    AI will truely enable your commercial HubSpot setup for marketing, sales, and CS.  Automate processes, get better content, prospect faster, be relevant with trend- and market insights etc. As a Top HubSpot Partner Radiant have access to newest AI tools like ChatSpot and Content Assistant. 

    • RWe identify where you should use AI
    • RWe integrate AI and prompts to HubSpot
    • RWe teach your organization to practically use AI
    AI model

    Get your free

    Introduction and Improvement Check

    Do what works

    Insights from +100 HubSpot Platforms

    Radiant have data & insights from +100 HubSpot Platforms and +15.000 successful Sales Processes. This allows us to identify, analyze, understand, and advise what works i reality for your type of business. This insight enables us to provide you with both technical and practical ‘best practices’. 

    • RDo what works from high performing companies
    • RBenchmark key metrics to improve performance
    • RUtilize & adopt HubSpot to its full potential
    HubSpot Data
    HubSpot Playbooks



    Create interactive best-practices directly in HubSpot to standardize and improve quality with sales and service processes. Easily and gradually increase optimal client approach: pitches, objections, references etc. 

    • RStandardize quality of customer engagement
    • RInteractive Playbooks with direct data-feed
    • RJoint frameworks to do what works
    HubSpot Playbooks

    Master your HubSpot

    Training & Onboarding 

    Why invest in tech if you don’t profit from the intended features? With HubSpot as a Service you enable your team to succesfully adopt and utilize your HubSpot for increased performance and employee satisfaction. As Certified HubSpot Trainers we help you to successfully use HubSpot.

    • REnable your team to utilize HubSpot
    • RIncrease performance & reduce administration
    • RMatch HubSpot to your business & employees
    HubSpot Trainer
    HubSpot Support

    Quick and efficient helpMaster your HubSpot

    Support to Solve your Problems 

    Contact our HubSpot experts directly when you have a problem that needs to be solved quickly. We can advise you how to solve the problem yourself or we can fix it for you within 24 hours. Typically support is used for handling break-downs, work-flow errors, troubleshooting, urgent reporting request etc.

    • RAvoid break-downs & troubleshoot quickly
    • RQuickly get answers to solve problems
    • RManage urgent requests like reporting
    HubSpot Support

    Link HubSpot to business & goals  

    Collaboration with HubSpot as a Service

    To understand your business, processes & goals we build a ‘5 Point Priority Roadmap’ consisting of: 1) Tracks 2) Stages 3) Tasks 4) Responsible 5) Milestones. This enables a clear path of priorities and secures continious progression.

    • RGet a clear direction of priorities
    • RMatch HubSpot with business goals
    • RDo what works and get things done
    HubSpot Structure
    HubSpot Partner


    HubSpot Partner

    With Radiant you can enable HubSpot and finally profit from you investments. We’re ranked as one of the higest rated HubSpot Partners. We don’t just tell you what to do, we can actually do it with you and for you. Our results, organization, and experience is second-to-non in the HubSpot space. 

    • R+100 HubSpot implementations & Certified HubSpot Trainer
    • R+25 Official HubSpot Certifications
    • R+5/5 Official stars HubSpot client reviews
    HubSpot Partner

    Get your free

    Introduction and Improvement Check

    Get an introduction to HubSpot as a Service, including a free improvement check tailored to your business.

    • RBest Practices and Benchmark
    • RImprovement Priorities
    • RSpecific do's and dont's

    YOur Technical & Practical HubSpot Team

    HubSpot experts

    HubSpot Partner Cases

    Lasso X I SaaS

    Lasso X I SaaS

    HubSpot Implementation: Cooperation led to an optimal and tailored HubSpot Solution
    Hemonto I FinTech

    Hemonto I FinTech

    HubSpot Implementation: Migrating from MS Dynamics to HubSpot took outbound sales to the next level


    HubSpot Partner

    "Radiant demonstrated black-belt proficiency level of our CRM implementation. Radiant is a true Sales Excellence Champion for any company."

    HubSpot CRM

    Henning, CCO


    HubSpot Partner

    "Have shown state of the art sales performance. Sales goals and guidance adopted to each partner in the firm. My best recommendations"

    HubSpot CRM

    Ramazan, Partner

    Baker Tilly

    Contractbook logo
    "Their precision and efficiency in the implementation process exceeded expectations, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency. "
    Kristian J. fra Contractbook

    Kristian, Director of Marketing


    North Risk
    "We have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with Radiant for the past 1 ½ years, and our experience has been nothing short of exceptional."
    Sloth, N.O.

    Niels, Partner


    HubSpot Partner

    "A top class onboarding. Committed team & good service. It has truly been a pleasure working with Radiant. I will give my very best recommendations."

    HubSpot CRM

    Esben, CEO


    Lasso X HubSpot

    "Excellent HubSpot cooperation with Radiant! Excellent job in understanding our sales process and helping us implement it in HubSpot. I recommend Radiant as HubSpot Partner"

    HubSpot CRM

    Martin, CSO

    Lasso X

    HubSpot Partner

    "Where do I click the SIXTH star for these HubSpot-Ninjas? Becuase Radiant deserves the extra acknowledgement for always delivering 'best in class'"

    HubSpot CRM

    Kasper, CMDO


    HubSpot Partner

    "Radiant has implemented HubSpot to immense satisfaction with an excellent overview of our sales activities. I will give the best recommendations for Radiant!"

    HubSpot CRM

    Christian, CEO


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    "Radiant's forward-thinking experts curate the best-practices of your next growth journey. The results have been impressive so far and resemble a state-of-the-art approach."

    Rasmus Pultz

    Rasmus, CCO

    COMA System

    PriceShape Logo

    "Radiant has been instrumental at making HubSpot a cornerstone of our growth engine. They were able to understand the complexities and nuances of our business."

    HubSpot Partner

    Wesley, DSO

    Dawn Health

    HubSpot Partner Articles

    Learn more about HubSpot CRM, sales, automation, segmentation, and much more!