Sales Go-To-Market

Execution & validation of Go-To-Market sales

Execute, test and validate sales to new markets, segments, countries and new services. The aim is to determine the most effective and scalable sales efforts.

3 phases in Sales

The purpose of Sales Go-To-Market is to gain experience, data and insight into what works and what doesn’t work in sales efforts. Sales GTM is typically used when:

  • ROpening outbound sales channel
  • RIntroducing new services
  • ROpening up new markets
  • ROpening in new countries
  • RLaunching new campaigns
  • ROpening new cross-selling opportunities

And we also have examples of using Sales GTM in cases where you haven’t yet ‘cracked the code’ for an effective and scalable sales effort.

Jacob Løve Founder & CEO, Din Lønpartner

Joakim Steenfos

CEO & Co-Founder, Radiant

1. We get to know you

Preparing Sales Go-To-Market: 2 weeks

Understanding & Defining your
  • Business & Purposexxx
  • Client Problems & Solutionsxxx
  • Client Types & Use-Casesxxx
  • Competitive Landscapexxx
  • Sales Setup & Sales Performancexxx
  • Target Market with Contact Informationxxx
  • 5-Point-Pitch Modelxxx
  • Efficient Sales Process setupxxx
  • Performance Dashboard & Gamificationxxx
  • Defining campaignsxxx

Growth Team to match your business & market

Sales Go-To-Market Team
1. We get to know you

Executing Sales Go-To-Market 8 weeks

Sales Growth Team:
  • Prospectingxxx
  • Outbound salesxxx
  • Attending Sales Meetings/Demosxxx
  • Collecting Qualitative dataxxx
  • Managing Pipelinexxx
  • Bi-Weekly Sales Evaluationxxx
  • Creation of Dynamic Sales Playbookxxx
Expected Direct Results
  • 200-1.000 Contacted ICP Targetsxxx
  • 20-100 Sales Meetings/Demosxxx
  • 2-10 Won dealsxxx

Growth Team to match your business & market

Sales Go-To-Market Team
1. We get to know you

Validating Sales Go-To-Market 2 weeks

  • Ideal Customer Profilexxx
  • Final Sales Playbookxxx
  • Hit-Rate (Touchpoints pr. booked meeting)xxx
  • Win-Rate (Expected ratio pr. meeting to win)xxx
  • CAC (Customer Acqusition Cost)xxx
  • Qualitative Potential Client feedbackxxx
  • Competitive Landscape Mapxxx
  • Pipeline Management Structurexxx
  • Sales Performance Recommendationsxxx
  • Sales Go-To-Market Recommendationsxxx

Growth Team to match your business & market

Sales Go-To-Market Team


Sales Go-To-Market

Sales Go-To-Market Package

3mthx 99.500,-

Radiant Growth Teams

Match growth needs


HubSpot Partner

High-quality sales coaching


We’ve been working with Radiant for about three years now. They have a very professional team of sales coaches. Always well prepared and motivated. Demonstrated state-of-the-art sales expertise. Transparent sales targets and guidance for each partner in the firm. My top recommendation for Radiant.


HubSpot CRM

Ramazan, Partner

Baker Tilly

LassoX logo

Excellent HubSpot collaboration with Radiant!

Radiant has helped us implement the HubSpot Sales & Marketing hub. They did an excellent job of understanding our sales process, helping us optimise it and implementing it in HubSpot, creating value throughout the ecosystem. I have no doubt that this will ensure growth in the near future. I can wholeheartedly recommend Radiant as a HubSpot partner.

Martin w

Martin, CSO


cittros logo

Sales transformation and CRM implementation

Radiant is a great partner for our sales transformation process. The team is very dedicated, insightful and helpful and has a strong commercial mindset. They have helped us with things like email marketing automation, sales material and CRM implementation and focusing on a data-driven approach. We are happy to recommend Radiant.

Thomas meede cittros

Thomas, Chief Architect & Partner


Othania Capital Logo

Strong sales transformation and CRM implementation

Strong professionalism from Radiant – and really good follow-up in relation to to reach milestones as well as sales targets. There was a high level of engagement and they were always available for questions. to get the job done. We created new sales material, improved branding, visual identity, and transferred and implemented a new CRM system. Below, Radiant has implemented HubSpot to complete satisfaction
Christian Othania

Christian, Co-Founder & Director


Contendo AS logo

Focus on hands-on sales success through CRM!

I have experienced Radiant as a competent, committed and commercially minded partner with a focus on achieving ‘hands-on’ sales success. This is done through CRM in integration with other sales systems that are anchored in both the sales strategy and the sales process. Warm recommendations from me.



Børre from Contendo AS

Steen, Managing Director



Sales Excellence Champions

Migrating from MS Dynamics CRM to HubSpot Sales was a breeze with Radiant on our side. Radiant demonstrated ‘black belt skills’ in our CRM implementation and really stood out with their enthusiastic can-do attitude and deep know-how in sales practices, especially in the early sales phase. Radiant is a true Sales Excellence champion for any B2B company looking to take outbound sales to the next level.
Christian Othania

Henning, CCO


Sales Go-to-Market


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