ABM Tools: Achieve Personalized Marketing Success

Joakim Steenfos

19 Apr, 2023

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ABM Tools: Achieve Personalized Marketing Success

Are you a B2B marketer and want to improve your marketing game by increasing personalization? Then you’re in the right place! We’re about to dive into the world of account-based marketing (ABM) and show you how HubSpot Marketing Hub can help you.

Why ABM Tools and Automation can help you gain more Revenue

Let’s start with the purpose of Account Based Marketing, which is to increase the personalization of the content you are targeting your clients with. ABM is a laser-focused marketing effort that targets specific accounts, which means you can zoom in on high-value prospects and deliver personalized campaigns. To increase better engagement, higher conversion rates, and more sales which leads to higher revenue.

In HubSpot, you are lucky to have every data on your prospects gathered in one place.

What are the Benefits of ABM Tools and Automation in Correlation to Marketing

ABM tools come with some awesome benefits, and here’s the lowdown. First off, they allow for very personal marketing. By targeting specific accounts, you can create tailored messaging and content that resonates with your audience. That means better engagement and more trust from your prospects.

With HubSpot Marketing Hub, you can track and analyze account engagement, helping you identify which strategies work and which ones need improvement. This means more effective marketing and better use of your resources. It also means you can compare ABM to ‘normal’ marketing and see if ABM is worth the efforts.

A step by step guide to set it up

Like many other guides, we have there isn’t a way to set up ABM. However, we will help you get started.

Find a prospect that you want to target and head into that one

  • When creating your email the goal of ABM was to create it very specific
  • Therefore, HubSpot is the perfect place to do marketing, you have all the data upon a target gathered
  • You can see which pages on your website they have been on (if your tracking is installed correctly), and if they have received ads or previous conversations.
  • Now use that information to create your email marketing

If you want the marketing to be very specific you can combine prospects that have common touchpoints and combine email marketing and ads you can read our guide on omnichannel marketing.

An Example where it’s Relevant for a Company

Ready to get started with ABM tools and automation using HubSpot Marketing Hub? Follow these simple steps:

  • Identify your target accounts: Figure out which companies or industries have the highest revenue potential for your business.
  • Develop personalized content: Create targeted messaging and content that addresses the unique pain points and needs of your target accounts.
  • Set up automation: Use HubSpot Marketing Hub to automate tasks like email marketing, lead scoring, and reporting.
  • Monitor and optimize: Track your account engagement and use the data to fine-tune your ABM strategy over time.

An Example where it’s Relevant for a Company

Imagine you’re a B2B company that sells ERP systems to large production companies with activities across 10 countries, by implementing ABM with HubSpot Marketing Hub, you can create personalized email-marketing efforts. This type of company tends to have a very small audience which means the personalization in the efforts can be key to success through emails.

How Radiant can help you Utilize Features within HubSpot

We are a 5/5 stared HubSpot Partner and are proud to have only one out of just ten official HubSpot trainers. We have helped different companies in various industries with optimizing their HubSpot and utilizing the many features. Furthermore, we also practice what we preach. If you have any questions regarding HubSpot or Radiant – don’t hesitate to contact us.

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