What is marketing automation and can it help your B2B business?

Joakim Steenfos

14 Jul, 2022

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What is marketing automation and can it help your B2B business?

Marketing automation is often associated with e-commerce and retargeting adds, and is frequently used in the B2C market. But there are benefits to be gained for B2B businesses as well. In this article we’ll tell you, what marketing automation is and how it can help your B2B business with emails, landing pages and much more.

Marketing automation software is designed to help you in systematizing and automating your marketing activities. As a B2B company, it’s a unique opportunity to communicate purposefully with many leads; You can nurture your potential customers throughout the buying process and deliver content that ultimately helps make your leads ready to buy. It can be solved through several systems, but here at Radiant, we recommend HubSpot for both CRM and Marketing Automation.

But it’s not only the marketing department that benefits from marketing automation. Most B2B companies have salespeople who are more than interested in being served hot leads, which they can get with a well-functioning marketing automation system.

In addition to lead generation and nurturing leads, which you can read more about here: “What is lead generation and how to use HubSpot for lead scoring“, there are 3 valuable areas, where your B2B business can benefit from marketing automation.

1) Personal emails and landing pages

With a good marketing automation system, such as HubSpot, you get the opportunity to customize the user experience on your site based on the data you have about your visitors. At the same time, you can personalize your emails so communication with the recipient becomes more targeted.

Below we have gathered three examples on, how you can make the user experience more personal based on criteria such as digital behavior, industry, interests, etc.:

#1: Emails

You have probably received emails, where your name is inserted in a standardized email. You can do this with marketing automation, as soon as you have information about your lead in the contact database. But not only that – you can easily use more intelligent data automatically: geography, performance usage, industry, accounting figures, preferences, purchase history, and much more in the email. If data can be identified, then it can be personified with marketing automation.

#2: Website

With marketing automation, you can personalize the experience of your website. For example, you can introduce the visitor to the most relevant products or services based on their previous actions. You can also recommend articles to read, or you can show a call to action to a specific audience. Or chat in person based on what you have shown interest in through your digital behavior (TRY IT OUT).

#3: Forms

If you are actively working on lead generation, you’ll usually want your visitors to fill out forms. With a marketing automation system, you can create different forms depending on what your lead has previously filled out. That way, visitors will be constantly answering new questions, so you get more knowledgeable each time they fill out a form.

2) Streamline workflows

Communication with existing and potential customers becomes easier with marketing automation but the system also has its advantages when it comes to improving the internal processes and planning. For example, you can:

  • Plan posts on social media as well as publish blog posts and let the system publish them automatically. In HubSpot, you can plan many months ahead with the same post appearing across your media platforms. Though it has only been set up in one place: Hubspot
  • Create updated lists with different customer segments
  • Set up notifications to salespeople when a customer visits a specific page or fills out a form

At the same time, you can store all data and correspondence with your contacts in one place. Just as it is possible to record and save any conversations.

3) Real-time insights for the sales team

When marketing collects data using a marketing automation system, the sales team can quickly see what the customer is interested in, which pages he or she has visited, and how far he or she is on his or her buying journey.

The advantage is, that a professional setup of the system takes greater account of the customer, the customer’s needs, and the customer’s readiness to buy. In a completely different way than what is possible for a salesperson without access to the respective data.

HubSpot is our preferred marketing automation system

There is no doubt, that HubSpot is our favorite tool, when it comes to marketing automation. At Radiant, we are a certified platinum HubSpot partner. You are more than welcome to contact us if you want to hear more about your options for integrating marketing automation into your B2B business.

As part of our sales ecosystem, we have spent millions of DKK to develop the most ideal marketing automation flows that we have implemented for our customers. We also teach marketing automation on behalf of HubSpot. You can get a demo of our workflows and marketing automation by getting in touch.

You can also read more about the benefits of Radiant as a HubSpot partner and our Sales as a Service concept right here.

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