What is HubSpot CMS Hub?

HubSpot CMS Hub is one of the five hubs encompassed within HubSpot. This content management system assists you in creating and optimizing engaging web experiences for your audience. Equipped with a range of automation tools and features, the CMS Hub streamlines website management, which can help you build user satisfaction and brand loyalty in an easy way.

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HubSpot CMS Hub

How does HubSpot CMS Hub work?

HubSpot CMS Hub is a all-in-one content management solution that is part of the HubSpot CRM Platform, which also includes the Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Operation Hub, and Service Hub. The CMS Hub goes beyond traditional website management by offering an all-in-one solution, so you can create and optimize engaging web experiences for your audience.

Filled with various features and tools you will be able to easy manage your content. The features includes website building, responsive design, SEO optimization, content personalization, and analytics. Which we will go into later.

In summary, the HubSpot CMS Hub enables your team to easy take care of web content and experiences, improve collaboration between teams and provide an excellent user experience.


The HubSpot Hubs

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HubSpot CMS Hub Solutions

Which Solutions do HubSpot CMS Hub offers?

HubSpot CMS Hub is tailored to fit every business’ needs and therefore you have four unique plans to fufill your needs – Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise – each is designed with its own range of features, tools, and limitations. We want to you to be as informed as possible, when selecting the plan that best fits your requirements therefore, we have outlined a summary of the most crucial features below.


Before reading the features below it’s important to take into consideration that some features may be limited, even if they are included in a specific plan. For example it’s possible to create 25 website pages in the free version, but 10,000 web pages in the professional. Get a full overview here.

Choosing the perfect plan can be difficult to choose, which is why many ask a HubSpot Partner like Radiant for guidance. Our team can help you identify the plan that matches your needs like we have done for a lot of other companies. So, if you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out.

HubSpot CMS Hub Free

Would you like to try the CMS Hub or see if it meets your requirements? Lucky for you, HubSpot provides a free version of the CMS Hub. With these tools, you will gain access to a range of features that can help you manage your website and content more efficiently. Remember, that some features may be limited. Down below we have listed som of the features within the free version:

  • Forms: Create forms on your website through HubSpot without any third-party plugin
  • Local website development: Use tools such as workflows and integrate with GitHuB
  • Drag-and-drop editor: Use predefined elements to build your website

  • Website themes: Use defined frames to create your website
  • Website traffic analytics: Analyze traffic from your website
  • Connect a custom domain: Choose your domain from an external supplier
  • Premium hosting: Host your website through HubSpot
  • Blog Import: You can imprt content from a third-party platform to HubSpot
  • And many more…
HubSpot CMS hub for developers

HubSpot CMS Hub Starter

Is the free version not the enough? Then you can upgrade to the starter package. Enjoy similar capabilities as the free version, but with reduced limitations, such as 25 more website pages.

  • All features from Free 
  • URL mappings: Easily redirect traffic from HubSpot pages
  • Personalization tokens: Show a contacts properties on page such as ‘first name’
  • Ad management: all ad types are available and create audiences from you HubSpot contact database
  • Multiple currencies: You have up to five currencies to choose between
  • 1:1 technical support: Easy acces email and in-app chat support

HubSPot CMS hub with Website URLs




HubSpot CMS Hub Professional

Upgrade to CMS Hub Professional and take your website management to the next level. Here you will gain access to advanced features and less limitations. Find the features down below


  • All features from Starter
  • Logged-in visitor identification: Identify website visitors when they send you a message and are logged-in
  • Custom views in shared inbox: Create views in the shared inbox for your team
  • Teams: Divide your team into teams, so they can focus on their area
  • Video hosting & management: Embed videos in pages or emails to help website visitors, customers or prospects
  • Permission sets: Confiqure a users permissions, like acces to blog, website etc.
  • Google Search Console integration: Easy integration between your website and Google Search Console
  • Site tree: Manage website-content in hierachical system of folders
  • Dynamic personalization: Create personalized website experience

HubSpot CMS Hub Enterprise

Experience the complete offering with CMS Hub Enterprise. Choosing Enterprise grants full access to HubSpot’s content management features. It includes all Professional tier capabilities, togehter with additional options as detailed below:


  • All features from Professional
  • Web apps: You will gain acces to custom build web app experiences like a event system
  • Code alerts: HubSpot will scan all CMS-hosted pages for performance errors
  • Sandboxes: Try and optimize your elements before publishing them
  • Adaptive testing: Make A/B test automatically using AI
  • Hierarchical teams: Organize your teams into levels based on specific preferences such business unit.
  • Custom objects: Store any type of data like location, event, shipments etc.
  • Content partitioning: Give your team different access to content such as CTAs, lists or blog posts
  • Additional root domains: Report and build on multiple websites into the same HubSpot account




HubSpot CMS Hub Pricing

Want a look at the pricing for the HubSpot CMS Hub? Take a look at the down below. It’s important to note that prices and feature limitations may change, so be sure to contact a HubSpot Partner or check HubSpot’s website for at full overview of current features and pricing.

Choosing the right CRM system is difficult, if you are confused about the pricing plans, features, and limitations – don’t hesitate to reach out! As a five star rated HubSpot Partner, we help you to get the right hubs and versions matching your needs – and we will get the best prices and deal structures. 

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How to get the most out of HubSpot CMS Hub?

 To maximize the potential of HubSpot’s CMS Hub, it’s essential to have a skilled team. The HubSpot Academy provides free courses, webinars, and certifications to boost your expertise. For further customization and tailored solutions, partnering with a Certified HubSpot Partner like Radiant is recommended. We specialize in adapting the platform to your specific needs and offer competitive pricing. With a certified trainer‘s guidance, you can efficiently implement the CMS Hub and accomplish your goals.

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