Conversation intelligence in HubSpot Guide

Joakim Steenfos

31 May, 2023

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Conversation intelligence in HubSpot Guide

Working in a company with a customer success department? Just think briefly about every conversation your business has ever had with customers. That’s a lot of information, about your customer’s problems. With conversation intelligence in HubSpot Service Hub, you can transcribe calls for better coaching and create a ‘bank’ where your customer success team can look for answers to inquiries or notes.

Why Conversation Intelligence Can Help You Increase Retention Rate

Working with customer success it all comes down to increasing retention rate. Imagine if you could store every conversation with your customers, for onboarding, problem solve features in your service/products etc.

Moreover, you can use AI to analyze your customer conversations, identify trends, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Thus, providing you with the tools to proactively address issues and meet customers’ needs.

Conversation intelligence can seem to be a very simple tool, and it is. But it can be used for many things – here is a list of some of the features by using conversation intelligence within HubSpot

  • Improve team effort
  • Understand customer inquiries
  • Stick to the calling service you already use

A Step-by-step Guide to Set It Up

Down below you will find a guide on how to set up conversation intelligence:

  1. Start by signing into your HubSpot account and look for the settings icon, usually located on the main navigation bar.
  2. Next, find the “Calling” option in the sidebar menu on the left.
  3. Once you’re there, you’ll see a tab marked “Transcription and Analysis”. Go ahead and click that.
  4. In the “Transcription and analysis” section, you’ll find the option “Turn on transcription and analysis”. It’s time to click and activate that.
  5. You’ll notice an opportunity to aid in enhancing the quality of your transcriptions by opting to use your account’s data. You’ll see a checkbox labelled “Help improve your transcriptions”. If you feel comfortable, check this box. If you decide against it now, don’t worry, you can always return to your calling settings and activate it later. HubSpot has more information on how it uses data to enhance your transcription quality if you’re interested.
  6. Now it’s time to click “Turn on transcription and analysis” once more.
  7. HubSpot AI is designed to associate recordings with the primary company linked to the call’s participants. To disable this feature, uncheck the box that says “Link associated objects to recorded calls with HubSpot AI”.
  8. If you’re leveraging HubSpot’s Zoom integration for your calls, ensure the cloud recording function is active in your Zoom account.
  9. To select a language for your call transcriptions, go back to the sidebar menu and find “General”. From there, click the “Calling” tab.
  10. Under “Transcription and Analysis”, look for the “Transcription language” dropdown menu, and from there, you can choose the language that suits you best.

An Example Where Conversation Intelligence Is Relevant for a Company

Let’s take the case of a SaaS company, one that’s been grappling with high churn rates. By using conversation intelligence, they were able to identify a recurring issue. It turned out that many customers found the software’s new update challenging to navigate.

Armed with this knowledge, the company immediately worked on improving its onboarding process. They provided additional training and resources about the new update. Hopefully, customer satisfaction levels improved, and churn rates decreased. This example clearly illustrates how conversation intelligence can transform a company’s customer service and retention.

How Radiant Can Help You Utilize Features Within HubSpot

At Radiant we specialize in how companies can utilize HubSpot. Whether you’re keen on analyzing customer segments, building pipelines, or reviewing call transcriptions, we can help you navigate HubSpot. If you have any questions regarding HubSpot or want help with HubSpot, check out our page about HubSpot as a Service or contact us.

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