By 2023, we must reach a recurring revenue of 21,5 million DKK

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Accounting is an industry in which the core services do not create sufficient value for the customer. Furthermore, the services are generic and difficult to differentiate. Therefore, the accounting firms have expanded the range of their services to also include tax, consulting, M&A etc. But in the effort to offer more services, the effort in sales becomes sporadic and stale.



After some years with rapid growths, this accounting and consulting firm stagnated a bit due to the fact that their efforts in sales were more or less ad-hoc and network based – as well as uncoordinated and unstructured. The ambition to offer more relevant services, meant that they had to raise the bar and gain a higher average in orders. 



A new strategy for sales with a foundation in a digital and behavior-regulated ecosystem of sales. The partners were staged better, and not included in the sales process until the sales meetings -including negotiation and closing. The sales process was streamlined with the memorandum, and the responsibilities were distributed – now, with a dedicated sales team handling the initial parts of the sale.


All partners know how, when and what to do during the sales process

  • 5A greatly increased awareness of the market among directly relevant decision makers was achieved
  • 5Reached a top 5 placing of the most market-conquering accounting firms in Denmark
  • 5Automated reporting and a better overview of sales efforts throughout the organization
  • 5Partnerne kan fo• The partners can now focus on what they do best: consulting. Therefore, they are not included in the sales process before the leads are hotkusere på det de er best til: rådgivning - og bliver derfor først inkluderet i salget, når kunderne og leads er varme
  • 5Now, the growth is defined by forecasts and pipelines - not excel budgets based on wishes
  • 5Clear and personalized messages that make it easier to move the costumer - as well as create a better sense of loyalty within the customer

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