4 upsides of using HubSpot for B2B

Joakim Steenfos

14 Jul, 2022

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4 upsides of using HubSpot for B2B

Not long ago, sales reps had to gather, manage, and categorize customers and prospects into manual systems. Today, more modern technology has taken over. We’ve gathered 4 upsides to using HubSpot for B2B companies.

There was a time, when tasks were done manually, but are there really still salespeople out there, who work manually with these tasks?

Yes there is. And if you’re one of them, it’s time to change that. There is a system that can streamline the whole process creating more time for other important things: sales. That system is called CRM – Customer Relationship Management – and as a certified Partner, HubSpot is our preferred tool and the backbone of our Sales as a Service concept.

If you’re not completely convinced that HubSpot can help you with a more efficient setup, then keep reading. We’ll give you an overview of the systems best features. Hopefully, it will convince you, that a HubSpot implementation can make the sales process in your company even more efficient.

4 upsides when using HubSpot for B2B

We have gathered 4 of the greatest upsides of HubSpot based on our own experience as a HubSpot partner. And we’re happy to help you get started. We handle both design, migration, setup, operation, and updates, so you’re off to a good start.

#1 – HubSpot is free

Most free versions of CRM systems offer very limited features, but this isn’t the case with HubSpot. Of course, there are limitations, but you get what you need in the free version, and it’s easy to work with.

If you feel like expanding, you can buy Sales Pro and Marketing Pro and take your work to the next level. Among other things, you get access to tools for lead generation and lead scoring, so your salespeople can concentrate on the hottest leads.

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#2 – Opportunity to scale

You can always start with the free version of HubSpot, and when you’re ready, the solution grows with your business. HubSpot offers Hubs for sales, marketing, customer service and more.

The integrated solution offer a lot of possibilities. That means, that all departments can benefit from the system – even when they become larger and more complex. So, you can start small and test HubSpot, without it costing you a penny. If you see the benefits on the bottom line, you can scale and get more tools to strengthen both marketing, sales, and customer service.

However, be aware of who you’re using as a HubSpot partner, as complexity increases with scaling.

#3 – Tracking communication

Tracking communication with potential customers can quickly become a hassle if done manually. HubSpot gets around this by enableing sales reps to send emails directly from the platform. That way, correspondence is stored together with the leads contact information, so that you can easily see what has been communicated with the potential lead. If necessary, you can even record your phone calls.

This feature is not only a great help for the individual sales rep. It’s also an invaluable feature, when a new employee takes over from a former employee, as all information is stored in one place.

#4 – User-friendly and intuitive

HubSpots CRM system is really user-friendly and intuitive. This means, that you’ll, most likely, be able to  use it with a short and simple introduction – and through training in the system you can take full advantage of all the benefits.

We always recommend to ally yourself with a certified HubSpot Partner, when you first start out with HubSpot. That way you get the most out of the investment and you ensure efficient work processes from the beginning.

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Are you tempted to test out HubSpot? As a HubSpot Partner, we’re always ready to help you get started, so that you’ll get the most value from the system right from the get-go. All things considered, it’s easier to assess potential and results, if you and your employees manage to use all functions as efficiently as possible. Alternatively, you can get inspiration from how we use HubSpot in our Sales as a Service concept, where the sales process is automated from A-Z.

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