How to utilize existing client data in B2B sales segmentation

Joakim Steenfos

30 Jun, 2022

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How to utilize existing client data in B2B sales segmentation

Do you have a clear overview of your clients and do you know which traits they have in common? Do you also know which segments do NOT fit your business? Learn how to utilize your existing clients in your B2B sales segmentation and take your company to the next level.

Your client segment is both your existing and your potential clients and they can be divided into different categories based on their different defining criteria, e.g. geography, demographics, and behavior. The advantage of doing this is that it becomes easier to optimize your relationship with your existing clients and you’ll get a clear strategic insight into how best to engage with potential clients or markets.

But is client segmentation even necessary in a B2B market? In this post we’ll tell you, why we think, that segmentation is a very important part of any scope and implementation process and how using a HubSpot Partner can improve your sales even further.

Increase efficiency with client segmentation

You might think that you already know who your clients are and that you have enough clients for now. And you may have. But how about in 6 months? 12 months? or 5 years?

If you explore your client segment, you’ll get a clearer view of your current clients while also getting an overview of potential profitable markets and clients you might not be reaching today. That’s not just useful knowledge – that’s the way to a more focused marketing and sales strategy as well as increased revenue.

Focus efforts and strengthen relationships

If you segment your existing clients by specific criteria, you’re able to target your marketing and sales efforts and nurture that relationship that leads to loyal customers. And if you use a CRM system like HubSpot, it couldn’t be easier. All clients are different and once you become aware of how you can communicate with each one, on their terms, that’s when your marketing efforts skyrockets.

You can customize your products, your sales process, and outreach as well as the channels you use to communicate with your existing and potential clients. While one group prefers a phone call, others might prefer email, video, or something completely different. That personal approach is what will set you apart from your competitors and increase trust and loyalty in your clients. And success is temporary, but loyalty is forever.

Explore new markets

With an overview of your existing clients, you’ll also gain an overview of the segments that you don’t currently have in your portfolio. While this could be on purpose, most likely, you’ll find undiscovered potential in overlooked client segments. 

With a client segmentation based on carefully chosen characteristics and made with tools like Vainu or Lasso X, you’ll be able to create a clear strategic plan to reach those unexplored markets. In the same way, as with your existing clients, you’ll be able to target and personalize your communication and build and strengthen relationships with lasting and loyal customers. 

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Segmentation reduces cost

With a targeted line of products and marketing towards your specific target client segments, you’ll increase sales and revenue. But your efforts will also save your company a lot of internal resources, once your machine is running smoothly. 

When your marketing efforts are targeted, you’re not just taking shots in the dark and hoping to reach your client segments, but you are able to prioritize resources, where they provide real value. You’ll also decrease intrusive phone calls to people who prefer an email, as well as help your salespeople reach out to prospects at exactly the right time. 

If you don’t know how to begin your segmentation process, or if you’re just too overwhelmed with your existing clients, you might want to consider hiring external professional help. At Radiant we have extensive experience doing segmentation and executing sales, by defining new markets and targeting specific client segments to increase sales across the organization. 

If you want to know more, please reach out to us below or learn more about our approach to Sales as a Service right here.

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