Data Sync: What is it and Benefits in HubSpot

Joakim Steenfos

2 Aug, 2023

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Data Sync: What is it and Benefits in HubSpot

With data sync, you can connect your CRM with the rest of your tech stack and gather all your customer data in one place.

What is Data Sync?

Data sync is the short-term for data synchronization, which is a process that ensures the consistency of data across multiple systems or databases. When changes are made in one database, data sync ensures these changes are reflected in all other linked databases. This could include updates, additions, or deletions. The process can be scheduled to occur at regular intervals or triggered in real time, depending on the organisation’s needs. Data sync helps improve accuracy, enhance efficiency, and support informed decision-making by maintaining data uniformity.

In short data sync keeps your data updated across multiple databases so that your doesn’t have to.

What is Data Sync used for?

Data synchronization is used for a variety of purposes across different sectors and industries. Here are a few key uses:

  • Consistency: Data sync ensures that data is consistent across multiple systems or databases. This is crucial in environments where data is frequently updated or modified, as it provides all users have access to the most recent and accurate information.
  • Backup and Recovery: Data sync can be used to create backups of data. By synchronizing data across different systems, it ensures that a copy of the data is always available in case of system failures or data loss.
  • Real-time Updates: In sectors like finance, e-commerce or B2B sales, where real-time data is crucial, data sync ensures that all systems reflect the most current data, facilitating immediate decision-making and responses.

Connect Data Sync in HubSpot

To enable data sync with your integrations in HubSpot you can follow these steps.

  • First, you have to decide which integration you want to data sync with, therefore, click on the marketplace icon and then under manage click on connected apps
  • Now click on the app you want to sync with
  • Click ‘set up your sync’
  • Now follow the guide and select the object you want to sync with and then click next

Now you can configure your sync direction, like if you want your sync to be from your HubSpot to a third-party app or vice versa.

You also have to review your field mappings, so that properties like ‘company name’ within HubSpot get mapped correctly in your third-party app.

Furthermore, you can also set up rules like ‘Only update an existing contact in HubSpot’ to ensure you don’t end up with thousands of duplicates.

Benefits of Data Sync within HubSpot

The benefits of data sync are as named above, however, HubSpot data sync has some extraordinary benefits within the HubSpot operations hub.

  • Choose one- or two-way syncs. Data synchronization offers you complete command over the movement of your data between applications. Choose a one-way sync if you prefer to modify data in one tool and have those changes instantly mirrored in another. Alternatively, choose a two-way sync if you desire a constant exchange of data between both tools, ensuring they are always in sync.
  • Tailor your synchronization process to your exact needs. Decide precisely where each data piece will land in your sync. Utilize filters to synchronize specific segments of your database to and from your selected tools. With custom field mappings, you can guarantee that every data piece finds its correct place, extending beyond standard properties like name and email address.
  • Synchronize both fresh and historical data. Even if your integration only interacts with data created post-sync setup, there’s a wealth of historical data awaiting migration. With data sync, HubSpot meticulously scans and synchronizes customer data, whether it’s recently generated or has been in existence for a while.

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