In 24 months, 7 sale-mandates were generated

Client: Corporate Finance


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Since the years from around 2015, the M&A industry has dealt with an increased competition. This has effected that sales via customer relationships and network are sufficient, as sale-mandates must be found in the earlier lifecycles of the companies



Large fluctuations in sales and sale-mandates due to an unstructured and sporadic effort in sale, which typically took place only when implementation, production and sale-mandates were at their lowest.



To identify the sale-mandates with the right potential using intelligent data criteria. To set up and execute a structured and methodical sale process in order to get in contact with the potential customers at an earlier stage – and subsequently strengthen the relationship.


Relationships were secured at earlier stages than competitors, due to methodical and data-driven sales

  • 5To go from a 'volatile and unstructured turnover' to a stable and forward-thinking turnover
  • 5To go from 'ad-hoc sales' through loyal customer relationships, references and networks to systematic sales efforts - new sales
  • 5To go from a 'random customer base' to a strategic and niche-oriented customer base
  • 5Systematic identification and development of strong customer relationships
  • 5Improved conversion of sale-mandates through innovation and optimization of presentations, materials, teasers and "Information Memorandum"

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