Call Transcription: Why You won’t Succeed Without

Joakim Steenfos

10 Mar, 2023

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Call Transcription: Why You won’t Succeed Without

Sales call transcription is a feature within the HubSpot Sales Hub, that allows you to review recordings. The feature can be used with HubSpot’s calling tool or integration with HubSpot, such as Zoom. In this article, we will discuss why call transcription can help you gain more sales, the benefits, a step-by-step guide to set it up and an example of where call transcription is relevant.

What is a Call Transcription?

Call transcription is the process of converting spoken content from a phone call or any voice conversation into written text. This transcription can be done manually by a person listening to the call and typing out the content, or automatically using specialized software that employs speech recognition technology.

Why Call Transcription can Help you Gain more Sales?

HubSpot Sales Hub offers a range of tools to help manage your sales process, including the call transcription feature. By automatically transcribing your phone conversations, it allows you to review and analyze conversations later. This feature can provide valuable insights into what your prospects are looking for and help you tailor your approach to increase your chances of closing deals.

By transcribing your calls you can find patterns for when a positive answer is received from your sales rep, and when a negative one is received. This can help you build a sales framework and set an example of good objections.

Key Aspects of Call Transcription:

Below are some of the key aspects of call transcription and how to succeed:

  1. Accuracy: The effectiveness of a call transcription largely depends on its accuracy. Advanced software solutions have improved over time and can now provide highly accurate transcriptions, even in noisy environments or with multiple speakers.
  2. Timestamps: Many transcription services include timestamps, indicating when a particular word or phrase was spoken. This feature is especially useful for referencing specific parts of a conversation.
  3. Speaker Identification: Advanced transcription services can differentiate between multiple speakers in a call and label them accordingly in the transcript.
  4. Searchability: Once a call is transcribed, the content becomes searchable. This is beneficial for professionals who need to reference specific information from a call without listening to the entire conversation.
  5. Storage and Compliance: Transcribed calls can be stored for record-keeping, training, or compliance purposes. In some industries, keeping records of customer interactions is mandatory.
Example of how call transcription in HubSpot looks like – the picture is from HubSpot

What are the Benefits of Call Transcription in Correlation to Sales?

Call Transcription is just one of the many features of HubSpot Sales Hub that can help you manage your sales process more efficiently. Here are some of the key benefits of Call Transcription:

  • Improved Communication: With Call Transcription, you can review conversations and identify areas where you can improve your communication skills. By understanding your prospect’s needs and preferences, you can tailor your approach and increase your chances of closing deals.
  • Better Collaboration: Call Transcription allows you to share transcriptions with your team members, enabling better collaboration and knowledge sharing. This can help improve overall team performance and lead to more successful sales outcomes.
  • Enhanced Productivity: With Call Transcription, you can take notes and highlight key points during the call, which you can use later to follow up with prospects. This can save time and help you stay on top of your follow-ups and remember key points from earlier conversations.
  • Data-driven Insights: Call Transcription provides a wealth of data that you can use to improve your sales process. By analyzing trends and patterns in your conversations, you can identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Set it up.

Setting up Call Transcription in HubSpot Sales Hub is easy (if you know how to 😉). Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. start by clicking the settings icon in the main navigation bar.
  2. Then, locate and select “Calling” from the left sidebar menu.
  3. Within the Calling section, click on the “Call Configurations” tab.
  4. Once there, ensure that the “Allow call recording” checkbox is selected.
    • If this option is disabled, the “Record” button will not be visible when making a call. If you cannot locate the recording option, it may be helpful to check with other administrators in your account to determine if they have disabled this feature.

That’s it! Once you’ve enabled Call Transcription, all your calls will be automatically transcribed and saved to the contact record.

An Example Where It’s Relevant for a Company

Let’s say you’re a B2B company that sells IT services. Your sales team spends a lot of time on the phone with prospects, answering questions and discussing their needs. With Call Transcription in HubSpot Sales Hub, you can record and transcribe these calls, giving you a wealth of data that you can use to improve your sales process.

For example, let’s say you notice that your sales team is struggling to close deals with prospects who have a certain objection. By reviewing the transcriptions of these calls, you might identify a pattern in the way your sales reps are responding to this objection. You can use this information to provide targeted training to help your team overcome this objection and close more deals.

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