Snowflake Data Share: All Your Data in One Place

Joakim Steenfos

3 Aug, 2023

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Snowflake Data Share: All Your Data in One Place

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a cutting-edge cloud-based data warehousing platform that has revolutionized the way businesses store and analyze data. It’s a fully managed service that’s capable of processing massive volumes of data, providing businesses with the scalability they need to handle their data requirements.

Snowflake’s unique architecture separates computing from storage, allowing each to scale independently, which means businesses only pay for what they use. Snowflake have four versions on its website, standard, enterprise, business-critical and virtual private snowflake.

It supports various data formats and integrates seamlessly with numerous data tools, making it a versatile solution for data-driven businesses.

What is Snowflake Data Share within HubSpot?

Snowflake Data Share enables swift, secure, and comprehensive data transfer from HubSpot to Snowflake. This allows you to manage and analyze your HubSpot data within your existing data infrastructure. By consolidating all your data in Snowflake, you can gain more profound customer insights at a faster pace.

Benefits of Snowflake Data Share within HubSpot

Accelerate Your Insights

Traditional ETL processes can be time-consuming and laborious. Snowflake Data Share, on the other hand, is quick to implement and offers user-friendly table schemas designed specifically for reporting. Moreover, it updates within minutes, not days, ensuring your data remains relevant and current.

Dismantle Data Silos

Merge your HubSpot data with all other data sources in a single centralized data warehouse. Enhance your reporting capabilities, align your company, and elevate your customer experience with comprehensive and interconnected insights.

Scale with Assurance

Snowflake’s Data Sharing technology doesn’t copy or transfer actual data between accounts. All sharing is facilitated through Snowflake’s unique services layer and metadata store.


To use Snowflake Data Share within HubSpot, you’ll need a Snowflake account and a HubSpot Operations Hub Enterprise plan. You’ll also need to set up a secure data-sharing connection between Snowflake and HubSpot. This involves configuring the Snowflake Data Sharehouse to allow data sharing and setting up the necessary permissions in HubSpot to access the data.

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