Meeting Scheduling: Bye to Double Bookings and Confusion

Joakim Steenfos

27 Feb, 2023

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Meeting Scheduling: Bye to Double Bookings and Confusion

HubSpot Meeting Scheduling is a feature of the HubSpot sales and marketing platform. It allows users to schedule and manage meetings with their customers and prospects. This is an important tool for businesses that rely on meetings as a part of their sales and customer engagement processes.

What is HubSpot Meeting Scheduling

HubSpot Meeting Scheduling allows you to schedule and manage meetings with your customers and prospects easily. The feature includes a calendar, scheduling tool, and meeting management tools. All the features make it easy for you to schedule meetings and keep track of your availability.

Benefits of using HubSpot Meeting Scheduling

There are several benefits to using HubSpot Meeting Scheduling. First, it allows you to manage your availability and schedule meetings with customers and prospects in a simple and efficient way. Every sales rep knows the back and forth of scheduling a meeting, HubSpot’s meeting schedule toll eliminates this concern. Furthermore, features like round robin and group links are available. In order to get customers or prospects to book your calendar, you can embed your calendar link in an email.

Second, it integrates with other tools and features of the HubSpot platform, such as the CRM and marketing automation. This allows users to schedule meetings in the context of customer interactions and other business processes.

Third, it can help users improve the quality of their meetings and increase their productivity. The feature includes tools for agenda setting, meeting notes, and follow-up tasks, which can help users prepare for meetings and take action on the outcomes.

How to use HubSpot Meeting Scheduling

Using this is simple and straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this feature:

  1. Log in to your HubSpot account and navigate to the Sales > Meetings section of the platform.
  2. If your calendar is not connected, HubSpot will let you know, just click “Connect calendar”.
  3. Now, click in the upper right corner on “Create scheduling page”, here you can choose between “One-on-One”, “Group” and “Round robin”.
  4. Click next – now you will have to set up the scheduling page and fill out the listed information
    • The internal name refers to the name that will be displayed when someone clicks on the meeting link.
    • As the organizer, you are the owner of the meeting or the person with whom the contact is scheduling the meeting.
    • The title is the name of the calendar event that you will share with your contact, such as “Product Demo”. You can even personalize the subject by adding tokens for the contact or company.
    • The location should include details on how and where you plan to connect with your attendee, whether it’s a call-in link, physical address, or other means. This information will be included in the contact’s calendar invite and added to your personal calendar.
    • If you’re using HubSpot’s integration with Zoom, UberConference, or Google Meet, you can easily add a video conference link. If not, you may need to explore options through the Video Conference Extension API.
    • The description is a brief overview of the meeting that will be included in the invite received by your contact, as well as added to your personal calendar.
    • Make sure to include cancel and reschedule links in the event description so that your contact can easily modify or cancel if needed.
  5. Once the meeting is scheduled, it will appear on your calendar and the calendars of the invited users. You can view and manage the meeting details in the Sales > Meetings section of the platform. Here, you can use the meeting management tools to prepare for the meeting and take action on the outcomes.

Who uses HubSpot Meeting Scheduling?

HubSpot Meeting Scheduling is used by a wide range of businesses, including almost every B2B-companies. These businesses rely on meetings as a critical part of their sales and customer engagement processes. By using this feature, they can schedule and manage their meetings in a simple and efficient way, and integrate their meetings with other tools and processes. However, it’s important to highlight that almost every company who have meeting can utilize this tool.

Example of a Situation where HubSpot Meeting Scheduling is Relevant

Consider a scenario where a B2B company is looking to schedule a series of meetings with potential customers. The amount of time coordinating, time, date etc. can be very time-consuming and back and forth. Furthermore, it also takes away time from the sales-person, which could have ben used on more valuable tasks.

Is it difficult to use?

9/10 it is easy to use, but it’s also very critical to be set up correctly so that you don’t double-book yourself.

How Radiant as a leading HubSpot partner in the Nordics implement the right HubSpot Meeting Structure

As a leading HubSpot partner in the Nordics, Radiant can help businesses implement the right HubSpot features.

Radiant has experience implementing and customizing the feature for a wide range of B2B companies. Our team can help you configure and customize the feature to meet your unique business needs and processes.

We can also help you set up the calendar and scheduling tools, customize the meeting types and settings, and integrate the feature with other tools and processes in your HubSpot account. Furthermore, we provide training and support to your team, so they can use the feature effectively and efficiently.

In addition, Radiant can provide expert guidance and advice on how to optimize your meeting processes and achieve you goals. We can help you develop a meeting strategy and framework that is aligned with your business goals and objectives. Furthermore, we can provide ongoing support and coaching to help you improve and evolve your meeting processes over time.

Overall, by working with Radiant as your HubSpot partner, you can ensure that your implementation of HubSpot Meeting Scheduling is successful and delivers the results that you are looking for.

Want more HubSpot implementations – we got you covered.

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