Sales efforts driven by data changed an entire industry’s approach to sales

Client: Patent and trademark
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The patent and trademark industry is known for having customers that are being incredibly difficult to move. The industry is also known for having a decision-making processes that are long and based on a particularly high degree of trust and compliance.



Growth and earnings were stagnated, due to the fact that sales to new customers were only created through networks. The buying and selling journey was driven by emails, there was no pipeline, the awareness was limited, and there was no forecast.



Clear value propositions, a better overview, focus on niches and digital sales processes – along with carrying out sales in practice, this led to a transformation in sales. First we won the culture and knowledge – then the customers and the payments.


In pipeline, the revenue of the first year generated a considerable million-figure 

  • 5A greatly increased awareness in the market among the direct and relevant decision makers were achieved
  • 5The KPI-goals set for collaborations as an outcome of sales meetings with relevant companies were achieved
  • 5In pipeline, the revenue of the first year generated a considerable million-figure
  • 5All sales data from individual files were moved to a cloud-based CRM-system - thereby creating a greater accessibility and a better overview
  • 5A greatly increased focus on growth became a reality - as well as new sales across the entire organization were achieved
  • 5Led to savings on other non-targeted market activities


“We are very happy and satisfied with the cooperation with Radiant. We got the commercial boost, that we needed. General knowledge of us in the market has increased significantly, compared to 2 years ago. .”

Partner, Patent and Trademark Bureau

April, 2021


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