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The non-profit funds and organizations are a market that is very “young” in terms of digitization and investment opportunities – they do, however, have a high potential for a streamlined process in asset management.



How do one access a market, in which there is no official information available? An industry that is “young” in terms of digitization, and where chairmen and administrators aren’t interested in digitizing and streamlining the processes?



To identify all relevant and current non-profit funds – and to then refine them with information on how to access the market in the HubSpot 360 automatic sale-ecosystem.

Radiant is a great partner in our sales transformation process. The team is very dedicated, insightful and helpful and have a strong commercial mindset. The have helped us with e.g. email marketing automation, sales material and CRM implementation and to focus on datadriven approach. We are happy to recommend Radiant.

CxO – Fintech, DK

Maj, 2021



31 wins

with + 15 years LTV

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