A foundation for increased turnover with qualified leads and best-in-class sales materials was created

Client: Consulting


The ERP Consulting is known to be an extraordinarily complex field. The industry is characterized by a general uncertainty in products and options, and the decision-making process often include many different stakeholders.



This customer was challenged by not having a comprehensive overview of potential qualified customers and revenue opportunities. Furthermore, there were no structure in customer communications, and the sales materials were characterized by a high level of complexity.



Through system updates, segmentation and our best-in-class sales materials, we structured and optimized their sales process form A-Z. In addition, we ensured a tailored and structured communication to the relevant target.



A foundation for increased turnover with qualified leads and best-in-class sales materials was created

  • 5A greatly increased awareness in the market among the direct and relevant decision makers were achieved
  • 5The KPI-goals set for collaborations as an outcome of sales meetings with relevant companies were achieved
  • 5Structured and defined mass communication to the relevant segmented target were secured
  • 5All sales data from individual files were moved to a cloud-based CRM-system - thereby creating a greater accessibility and a better overview
  • 5A greatly increased focus on growth became a reality - as well as new sales across the entire organization were achieved
  • 5Optimized best-in-class sales materials - including presentations, sales materials and customer cases
  • 5Continuously updating content and news on LinkedIn based on KPIs for customer interaction, views and new followers
  • 5A new unique and personalized website was developed - and is continuously being updated


“Radiant helped us get an overview of interesting sales opportunities through a tailored segmentation that met our needs. Furthermore, we had unique materials for communication and sales prepared for us to use. Radiant is incredibly competent in sales consulting and optimization, and we look forward to a continued collaboration.”

CEO – ERP Consulting

April 20, 2021

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