About Radiant

we are Radiant

Radiant literally means ‘Glowing brightly and expressing great hope’. Our clients call us “HubSpot-Ninjas” and “Sales Excellence Champions”. You can call us anytime.

our journey

From Deloitte to Radiant

How we created Sales as a Service & became a leading HubSpot Partner

Radiant was founded in late 2017 by former Deloitte Senior Consultants: Joakim Steenfos (left) & Kasper Bjerggaard (right) with a vision of creating the first Sales as a Service in the Nordics to enhance sales for SaaS, Finance, Tech, & Professional Services

Radiant is rethinking the way of doing sales by implementing industry leading HubSpot Platforms and executing sales with our  clients. And because we’ve accumulated thousands of datasets from actual sales processes, we know what works in the Nordic market.

In 2022 Radiant is a trailblazing thought leader within HubSpot and Sales. We’re defining market leading standards in delivering Sales as a Service by combining Top-shelf HubSpot Ecosystems with Sales execution on a subscription basis.

Radiant is located in Copenhagen and Oslo with 28 employees. We’re focused on becoming the leading Sales as a Service and HubSpot Partner in the Nordics.

Our values

Triple Engagement

At Radiant, we believe in the trinity of engagement. We have to commit ourselves as individuals to an engagement category every day. Thus, enabling Triple Engament in all categories as a team.  



Engagement to a client



Engagement to core tasks



Engagement to colleagues

Solitwork HubSpot Sales Radiant
RISMA HubSpot Sales Radiant
Baker Tilly HubSpot Sales Radiant
Famly HubSpot Sales Radiant
Hemonto HubSpot Sales Radiant
Martinsen HubSpot Sales Radiant
Lasso X integration Hubspot Partner
HubSpot partner
Hemonto HubSpot Sales Radiant
State of Green HubSpot Radiant
HubSpot partner
HubSpot partner
Kunde & C
HubSpot Partner
HubSpot Partner
HubSpot partner

Become radiant

Radiant Sales as a Service = High Performance results.

  • Exclusively for SaaS, Tech, Finance and Professional Services.
  • Exclusively for Business-to-Business.
  • Exclusively for clients adopting/using HubSpot


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